Ca 'Pesaro 1919. Tribute to Umberto Moggioli (1886-1919)

Opening date: 16/11/2019 | Closing date: 01/03/2020 | Exhibitions

The "House of Modern Art in Venice" celebrates the memory of one of his most talented "children".

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Lorenzo Passi. Forged in Iron, Blown in Glass

Opening date: 05/09/2020 | Closing date: 24/10/2020 | Exhibitions

On display the "poems in iron-glass" of the young contemporary artist who grew up in tradition.

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Alessandra Beltrame. In Fabula

Opening date: 29/08/2020 | Closing date: 30/09/2020 | Exhibitions

The solo show of the artist born in Switzerland of an Italian family and living in St. Gallen refers to a double identity suspended between reality and fiction.

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Patrizia Fratus. EUTOPIA - Poteressere

Opening date: 28/08/2020 | Closing date: 28/10/2020 | Art

A project dedicated to the work of women in art thanks to an articulated artistic research in the context of the narrative of the feminine, violence and rebirth in myth, in history and in the present.

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Opening date: 29/08/2020 | Closing date: 31/10/2020 | Exhibitions

The female figure under the lens of artists: between beauty, delicacy and fragility.

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