Venice Pavilion

Data di apertura: 11/05/2019 | Data di chiusura: 24/11/2019 | Art

Seven artists from all over the world tell their personal Venice.

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The Nature of Arp

Data di apertura: 13/04/2019 | Data di chiusura: 02/09/2019 | Exhibitions

From Dallas to Venice, the awaited exhibition dedicated to the founder of the Dada Movement and pioneer of Abstraction.

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Island Ark. Inclusive Utopian Zone. Marcos Lutyens Solo Show

Data di apertura: 09/05/2019 | Data di chiusura: 14/09/2019 | Art

Marcos Lutyens' first solo exhibition in Venice, the London artist who has been reflecting on the theme of the planetary rise of the sea level for twenty years.

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Diversity of Peace!

Data di apertura: 08/05/2019 | Data di chiusura: 24/11/2019 | Art

Artists gathered in the name of the new Japanese era that associates the flourishing of Peace and Culture with the concept of Diversity.

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Pei's World. A Brief History of a Chinese Gallery in Italy

Data di apertura: 10/05/2019 | Data di chiusura: 24/11/2019 | Art

Perspective reversal for an exhibition dedicated to artists and an out-of-the-ordinary gallery owner.

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